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The outsourcing of medical billing has become very common in the healthcare industry these days; however, it’s imperative to have the right medical billing company as your outsourcing partner. Medical billing outsourcing can prove to be a major strategic play for healthcare professionals across specialties.

We are an ISO certified and HIPAA compliant medical billing company delivering technology driven medical billing services and solutions. By partnering with us, you gain access to a medical billing company that has the technology and skilled resources needed to help you deal with your medical billing challenges at affordable rates.

There are so many reasons for healthcare practices to be tempted with the prospect to outsource medical billing services to us. From saving time and money to rendering accurate medical billing services consistently, we can significantly improve your medical billing process.

Why Outsource
Medical Billing to Us?

  • 600+ Medical Billers and Coders
  • Experience across multiple billing platforms
  • Trained & experienced resources across specialties
  • Delivering >95% accuracy levels
  • Multiple pricing models
  • Technology led data-driven approach for reporting
  • Dedicated account managers
  • Research team of experienced professionals to keep track on specialty updates

Address Your Medical Billing Challenges With 3Gen’s Solutions!

The following are just a few benefits you can enjoy when you outsource medical billing to us:

Billing errors can kill a medical practice or a practitioner’s career. We are home to well-trained billing professionals that know how to navigate through the complex claim submission process. These professionals are well-equipped with quality and domain-driven knowledge for your healthcare organization to minimize billing errors and reduce the chances of claim rejections.
By outsourcing medical billing services to us, a healthcare practice does away with the tedious task of doing in-house medical billing. As such, practices can now accomplish greater economies of scale by focusing on patient care rather than the back office. This brings in faster collections as well as consistent cash flow.
Patient care and satisfaction is the primary goal of any medical provider. With your medical billing being taken care of by us, your healthcare staff can give their undivided attention to patients that need their care. Simply put, we help practitioners render excellent customer service to their patients.
Cost cutting has always been the driving factor behind outsourcing medical billing services. Running a medical practice or a hospital is a costly affair, and outsourcing medical billing services can go a long way in providing some much-needed relief. We eliminate most of your overhead expenses. YOU GET TO TAKE HOME A LOT MORE MONEY.

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