Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) Services

Consistent auditing is essential in today’s healthcare environment to ensure a patient’s status has been coded correctly. The information provided by this coded data is important in multiple scenarios such as tracking diseases, providing patient history, tracking quality measures and reimbursements. We understand that an organization requires highly skilled CDI professionals to ensure the process is done efficiently and effectively. Our team of highly skilled medical professionals and coders are able to bring your organization to its highest potential through improved Data Quality, Patient Outcome and Accurate Reimbursement.

Our Services

Our professional range of CDI services includes:
  • Review of all relevant hospital medical records
  • Recommend improvements in healthcare records to ensure better patient outcomes & data quality
  • Provide the necessary feedback on missed documentation & coding accuracy to the treating physicians/nurses
  • Help in significantly improving DRG coding to attain maximum reimbursement

Benefits of our CDI Solutions

  • Improved bottom line for an organization through maximized reimbursements
  • Accurate medical coding which have met all regulatory and reporting requirements
  • Great quality of care as proper documentation will show a patient’s medical history, diagnosis and the care received to make the best future plan of care

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