Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) Services

As the need for healthcare data has increased tremendously, it is important that the data is captured and documented correctly. Precise clinical documentation is integral to every patient encounter, as it assists providers to make informed decisions for patient care, helps assess clinical quality and determines appropriate reimbursement. Thus, consistent and reliable CDI services are essential in today’s healthcare environment to ensure the successful convergence of clinical care, documentation and coding processes. 3Gen provides the support and expertise needed for favorable outcomes. Not only do we facilitate a detailed representation of a patient’s status, but we also ensure that it is translated into accurately coded data. This helps our clients eliminate gaps in their documentation and improve reimbursement considerably.

Our Clinical Documentation Improvement Services

Comprehensive review of all relevant hospital medical records

Identify potential compliance issues

Assist providers in determining the patient’s DRG

Recommend improvements in documentation to ensure better patient outcomes and
data quality

Provide the necessary feedback on missed documentation and coding accuracy to the treating physicians/nurses


Benefits Of Our CDI Solutions

  • Improved bottom line through maximized reimbursements
  • Accurate medical coding, which has met all regulatory and reporting requirements
  • Enhanced clinical performance & care quality due to better diagnoses and procedures capture
  • Reduced risk of non-compliance
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