Credit Balance Resolution Services

Credit balances are overpayments from patients or payers, typically due to incorrect posting of allowances, missed postings and duplicate payments. Any credit balance is a liability in your accounts receivable ledger, and can lead to significant compliance risks and penalties if left uncorrected. Our goal is to effectively manage those risks and assist you with financial stability by identifying the root cause of errors, resolving credit balances that may have accrued and preventing them from occurring again.

Our Credit Balance Services

Our qualified and experienced team is dedicated to helping you effectively manage your credit balances, maintain compliance and reduce financial liability.

Identification and Analysis of Credit

Our credit balance analysts review account transactions, EOBs/ERAs, patient history notes, among others to identify errors and thoroughly analyze credit balances.

Correction of Misposted Adjustments or Payments

Our team reviews insurance or service provider contract details. They recover the permissible amount for improved efficiency and also make necessary corrections if adjustments or payments are posted incorrectly.

Generation of Patient or Insurance Refund

We prepare comprehensive patient or insurance refund packages along with the relevant backup documents. Documents are prepared and sent to the patient/payer as per client requirements and by adhering to federal guidelines.

Increased Opportunities for Self-Pay or Secondary Billing

We correct adjustments or payments and improve the ease of self-pay transfers or secondary insurance billing.


Benefits Of Our Credit Balance Services

  • Dedicated team of experienced credit balance analysts
  • Timely refund of any confirmed overpayments to payers and patients
  • Improved patient/payer satisfaction due to timely resolution of credit balances
  • Identification of the root cause of errors and gaps to prevent them from recurring
  • Adherence to applicable Medicare payment rules
  • Minimized risk of non-compliance, litigation and penalties
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