Credit Balance Services

Smart Credit Balance Services & Refund Processing Solutions

We help our clients reduce compliance issues and financial risks while minimizing Medicare penalties.

With our smart credit balance & refund processing services, you can get the following benefits:

  • Professional credit balance analysis by highly qualified and trained analysts
  • Reduction in inaccurate posting allowances
  • Prevention of new credit balances

Benefits of Our Credit Balance Services

  • Dedicated team of credit balance analysts with in-depth accounting knowledge and several years of relevant RCM expertise to resolve credit balance issues.
  • Capability of working with different billing systems and provider payment mechanisms such as DRGs, per Diem, capitated rates, percentage of charges, among others.
  • Provision of end-to-end Credit Balance Processing solutions.
  • On-site Training and Knowledge Transfer Assistance with a transition period of 4 to 6 weeks.

Our Credit Balance Services

Our qualified credit balance analysts can help you avail benefits from our credit balance services.
  • Analysis of Credit Balance Accounts: Our credit balance analysts are adept at analyzing credit balance in client host systems. They review account transactions, EOBs, patient notes history, ERAs, among others for retrieving true reasons for effective credit.
  • Correction of Misposted Adjustments or Payments: Our team also reviews insurance or service provider contract details. They recover the permissible amount for improved efficiency and also make necessary corrections if adjustments or payments are posted incorrectly.
  • Generation of Patient or Insurance Refund Letters: We prepare comprehensive patient or insurance refund packages along with relevant backup documents. Documents are prepared as per the client requirements and deliver the same in a secure PDF file format.
  • Increased Opportunities for Self-Pay or Secondary Billing: We also correct adjustments or payments and improve the ease of self-pay transfers or secondary insurance billing.

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