Home Health Billing

3Gen is committed to offering market leading home health billing services tailored to meet client specific requirements. By availing our home health billing solutions, our clients have gained significant benefits in the overall billing process, primarily in terms of profitability, substantial reductions in operational costs, efficient processes and improved productivity.

The 3Gen Advantage

We are a leading home health billing company committed to providing unparalleled home care billing solutions by engaging the most talented resources, continually innovating and delivering the best results to our clients. Those who avail our home health billing solutions reap numerous benefits, including:

Skilled & experienced resources

Well-defined transition techniques

Best-in-class business processes

Rapid scalability for instant ramp-ups

Our Home Health Billing Services

  • Eligibility Verification & Prior Authorization
    We verify patient’s eligibility for coverage under their policy and when required, obtain prior authorization before services are rendered.
  • Demographics & Charge Entry
    We capture demographic, insurance and encounter specific information to generate claims and enter charges.
  • Home Health Coding & OASIS Review
    We code at multiple levels and review all clinical documentation, based on your requirements.
  • Billing & Claims Submission
    We bill no-pay RAPs and End of Episode (EOE) claims. We submit both paper and electronic claims.
  • Payment Posting
    We review and post all payments. Our payment posting services include electronic, manual, patient and denial posting.
  • Accounts Receivable Management
    We follow-up with payers, check payment status, research unpaid claims, respond to claim rejections and reprocess corrected claims.
  • Denial Management
    We identify and categorize denial reasons, resubmit corrected claims and take necessary steps to prevent them from occurring again.
  • Credit Balance Resolution
    We will analyze your credit balances, identify overpayments, correct errors and generate refund letters for unresolved credit balance accounts.
  • Report Generation
    We provide reports customized to your requirements.
Home Health Billing Services

What’s Driving Providers Towards Outsourcing Home Health Billing Services To 3Gen

As one of the leading home health billing companies, our home health care billing solutions are designed to help you successfully tackle challenges, improve outcomes and run more efficiently. Simply put, when you outsource to us, you experience several advantages.

Advantages of Home Health Billing Services

Cost savings is one of the primary motivators that drive companies towards outsourcing. With our help, you get the benefit of availing high-quality home health billing services at low costs. Outsourcing eliminates several overhead costs associated with having an in-house billing team. Our clients have been able to save up to 52% of costs by outsourcing to us.

We are considered a reliable outsourcing partner for home health billing services. We have several years of experience in the home health industry, providing bespoke business practices and delivering excellence in complex outsourcing projects to our partners. Our team of professionals are capable of performing the job perfectly through their extensive industry knowledge and domain understanding. We work tireless to develop solutions to streamline your back-office operations, improve productivity and efficiency and achieve financial success.

Your core competency is taking care of your patients, meaning that expensive administrative functions should be up for outsourcing consideration. When you outsource business processes to us, you save time and money that can be used to better care for your patients. When trying to juggle both patient care and back-office tasks, several problems can arise such as billing errors, missing patient details, and/or providing subpar care to patients. With our help, you are able to build your brand and lend higher value to the end customers through your services.

Shortages of qualified billing professionals and retirement of your most knowledgeable people can leave your organization short-staffed, missing billing deadlines, and putting increased pressure on existing staff. Whatever staff you do maintain also must be kept up-to-date with training, and billing and coding changes. By outsourcing to us, you will no longer need to worry about these issues. We provide you with access to skilled and experienced billing resources who remain in compliance and deliver results to ensure an uninterrupted cash flow.

We understand that implementing a streamlined and error free billing process is a complex task. We can help! We leverage our knowledge and experience to create strategies and provide market leading solutions to ensure you receive accurate, high-quality work with a quick turnaround time. In short, we get you paid faster and more efficiently.

There is no denying the importance of high-quality customer service to any organization. When you outsource your business operations to us, you are able to provide instant services to your customers and improve the overall quality at the same time.

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