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It is commendable that healthcare organizations recognize the importance of accurate and compliant medical coding practices. 3Gen also believes that it is crucial to critically evaluate the effectiveness of healthcare practices’ current coding compliance plans to ensure long-term success.

Firstly, it is essential to ensure that the compliance plan is comprehensive enough to address all potential coding errors, fraud, and abuse. Are there specific measures in place to detect and prevent these issues? How frequently are audits conducted to assess compliance with coding guidelines and regulations? Furthermore, it is vital for your coding compliance plan to align with industry standards. Are you regularly updating your policies and procedures to reflect changes in coding guidelines? Are your coders adequately trained and up to date with the latest regulations? Additionally, reducing the risk of coding-related issues should not be limited solely to adherence with guidelines set forth by government agencies and third-party payers. It should also encompass internal controls and checks within your organization. How are you monitoring internal processes to identify any potential areas of weakness or non-compliance?

Medical Coding and Compliance Audits

3Gen Consulting will provide you with a personalized approach to the coding audit and documentation review process. We choose records based on your common coding practices after studying your areas of competence. We give expert evaluation with official results presented by our medical coding specialists, focusing on CPT and ICD guidelines and usage. Our specialists work with providers and their teams one-on-one to optimize documentation, medical coding, and compliance best practices in order to reduce claim denial rates and payer audit exposure.

​3Gen medical coding audits and compliance audit services include:

  • ​Medical coding audits and record review
  • Pre-payment or post-payment auditing
  • Analysis of utilization in comparison with local and national peers
  • Focused audit selection
  • Review of medical record documentation
  • Annual support – On-demand research for all of your medical coding and healthcare compliance inquiries with written reports
  • Audit review and education with physicians and staff

Medical Coding Education

Medical coding is complicated, and updates are made on a frequent basis. 3Gen’s coding education specialists recognize the need for auditing and educating providers and coding staff on these ongoing modifications. To assist you with all your medical coding difficulties, our team of AAPC certified medical coding professionals has extensive expertise in providing customized education for medical coding. 

LHA will educate you and your team on industry developments by providing the following services:

  • Documentation and coding instruction for new providers, coders, and/or billers
  • Review seminars for annual CPT and ICD-10 CM updates
  • Training in ICD-10 CM, CPT, and HCPCS
  • Seminars on compliance

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Benefits of 3Gen’s Coding Audit and Compliance Services

Regular Assessments

3Gen Consulting emphasizes the importance of ongoing evaluation and improvement of coding compliance plans. Regular assessments should be conducted to identify shortcomings or areas for enhancement. By critically reviewing and strengthening coding compliance plans, providers can ensure that they are coding properly, minimizing errors, and preventing exposure to fraud and abuse.

Educate Providers and Staff

Providers and staff are burdened with heavy schedules and sometimes cumbersome EMRs with outdated templates. Our coding audit and compliance service will ensure that providers and staff receive the education and support they need. We provide customized and relevant education with the goal of providing education that is timely, accurate and fosters an atmosphere of compliance.

Minimize Legal and Financial Risks

By implementing our coding compliance plan, providers can significantly reduce the risk of coding-related legal and financial penalties. Our systematic approach aligns with industry standards, ensuring that healthcare organization maintains compliance while optimizing revenue generation.

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