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Home Health Coding & OASIS Review

3Gen’s experts deliver superior Home Health Coding services to our home health clients. We are at the forefront of the Home Health Coding industry providing a comprehensive range of Coding services for Home Health including OASIS Review, Clinical Documentation, OASIS Coding Recommendations, and Coding Audits- helping organizations improve overall reimbursements. As such, our healthcare clients outsource home health coding services to us for improved results.

Clinical Documentation

Our team consists of professional & experienced Home Health RN coding specialists as well as certified coders. Our specialized team reviews clinical documents for delivering accuracy, consistency, and thoroughness. Through our reliable Home Health Coding services, we assure our clients that their confidential documents are safe with us and satisfy the respective requirements for homebound status, medical necessity, or terminal illness. This is achieved before any records are coded for the purpose of payment.

If the clinical documentation is not able to clearly and accurately convey a patient’s specific care plan, it can lead to a wide range of potential issues for any home health company or agency. Some common issues due to incorrect clinical documentation include increase risk of audits, reduced reimbursement, increased takebacks, issues with patient safety, improper care coordination, and poor quality of referral sources.

OASIS-D Review & Recommendation

Our services include professional coding suggestions along with an in-depth review of OASIS-D. Our team is able to review your organization’s documents and provide relevant suggestions for effective ICD-10 coding. We also review OASIS M-items to ensure they accurately reflect patients’ conditions and support the available codes at the time.

Why Choose Us?

Avail our comprehensive range of Home Health Coding services and benefit from our expertise:
Our professional team includes Home Health & Hospice certified coders, doctors, B-pharm graduates, RNs, and therapy specialists with several years of experience.

ICD-10 Coding Suggestions

Our team provides relevant ICD-10 coding suggestions for all types of complicated illnesses. Some of the relevant suggestions include a comprehensive review of OASIS & 485/Plan of Care. Our team also suggests and makes appropriate changes for M-Items at all levels, which help home health agencies improve their Star-Ratings.

We code at multiple levels, based on agency requirements. These levels include:

Level 1

This Level includes relevant coding for SOC (Start of Care), ROC (Resumption of Care), REC (Re-Certificat ion) and SCIC (Significant Change in Condition). Star M- Items such as 0102/0104, 1400, 1830, etc. are reviewed.

Level 2

Along with Level 1 processing, additional star M-Items such as 1028, 1308, 1350 and all M-Items related to Wounds, Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and Medications are reviewed and corrected if required.

Level 2.5

This level includes coding of OASIS M1021/23 & M1011/17 along with a comprehensive OASIS review. Necessary modifications and recommendations are made, following the in-depth OASIS review, to ensure the agency is in compliance with CMS guidelines.

Level 3/POC

This level covers coding of OASIS J1800/J1900 along with all Star M- Items of other levels. 21 Locators of POC are reviewed. In addition to the comprehensive review of OASIS, we make accurate modifications and recommendations in compliance with CMS guidelines.

Level 3.5

This level includes coding for episodes, making OASIS and POC changes and running the standard checklist.

Level 4

This level covers coding for episodes and making OASIS and POC changes, which includes transfer, ROC and discharge OASIS. We also review SN/PT/OT/ST evaluations, routine visits for accuracy of documentation and ensure visit frequencies are as per orders. This is all done in compliance with the guidelines.

Pre-Billing QA

We audit the episode (when it is ready for final billing) to ensure all necessary steps were followed and necessary documents were attached. We follow a standard checklist which includes points for F2F, homebound status, POC, evaluation notes for disciplines whether documented as per guidelines, visit orders compliance, medication list, etc.

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