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Home Health Coding & OASIS Review

At 3Gen, we are experts in delivering top-notch Home Health Coding services to our healthcare clients. We are one of the leading Home Health Coding companies providing comprehensive range of Coding services for Home Health–right from OASIS Review, Clinical Documentation, OASIS Coding Recommendations, and Coding Audits, helping the healthcare organizations improve the overall reimbursements. As such, our healthcare clients outsource home health coding services to us for improved results.

Clinical Documentation

At 3Gen, our team consists of professional & experienced Home Health RN coding specialists as well as credentialed coders. Our professional team is known for reviewing the respective clinical documents of different healthcare organizations for delivering accuracy, consistency, and thoroughness all the time. Through our reliable Home Health Coding services, we aim at offering the assurance to our clients that their confidential documents are safe with us and satisfy the respective requirements for homebound status, medical necessity, or terminal illness. This is achieved before any records are coded for the purpose of payment.

The clinical documentation that is not able to satisfy the accuracy and clarity requirements covey the specific care plan for the patient and can lead to a wide number of potential issues for any home health company or agency out there. Some of the common issues that an agency might have to face due to incorrect clinical documentation might include increased risk of audits, reduced reimbursement, increased takebacks, issues with patient safety, improper care coordination, and poor quality of referral sources, and so more.

OASIS Review & Recommendations

At 3Gen, our comprehensive range of OASIS review & recommendation services is known for providing professional coding suggestions along with an in-depth review of the complete OASIS assessment. With our team of professional experts, we are able to review the documents of your organization and provide relevant suggestions for effective ICD-10 coding. At 3Gen, our professional team is also capable of reviewing the respective M items of the healthcare organizations on the OASIS towards ensuring that they are able to reflect the conditions of the patients accurately and support the available codes at the same time.

Why Choose Us?

You can choose our comprehensive range of Home Health Coding services due to the following reasons:
At 3Gen, we have a professional team of Home Health & Hospice coders, doctors, B-pharm graduates, RNs, and therapy specialists having several years of experience in the given field.

ICD-10 Coding Suggestions

At 3Gen, we are professionals for providing relevant ICD-10 coding suggestions for all types of complicated illnesses. Some of the relevant suggestions include a comprehensive review of OASIS & 485/Plan of Care. Our team is also known for amending or suggesting OASIS (M-Items) on the basis of the review of medical assessments along with documents in conjunction with the respective compliance with a major focus on Star M-items of different healthcare organizations.

The levels of professional ICD-10 coding can be differentiated on the number of M-items that are reviewed. Some of the levels are:

Level 1

The Level 1 of ICD-10 coding is known to include relevant coding for SOC (Start of Care), ROC (Resumption of Care), REC (Re-Certification), and SCIC (Significant Change in Condition). Level 1 coding requires reviewing the Star M-items including 0102/0102, 1830, 1400, and so more.

Level 2

In addition to professional Level 1 processing, additional M-items including 1308, 1028, 1350, and other Star M-star items that are related to ADL (Activities of Daily Living), wounds, and respective medications are reviewed as well as corrected.

Level 3

The given level in ICD-10 includes professional coding of the OASIS including M1021/23 & M1011/17 along with comprehensive OASIS review. The in-depth OASIS review that we provide is known to include all the relevant M-items along with the necessary modifications & recommendations that are made to the agency for proper rectification in compliance with the respective CMS guidelines.

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