Urgent Care

Struggling to boost profitability despite having a thriving business? Due to the rising popularity of urgent care centers, urgent care billing is constantly evolving, making it a complex process. If the nuances of urgent care revenue cycle management are not understood, businesses will not receive the reimbursement that it deserves. 

As an urgent care billing company, we have extensive expertise in providing urgent care billing services customized to meet an organization’s needs. Our urgent care billing and coding specialists understand the importance of compliance, accuracy and timely reimbursements and ensure that providers never have to worry about urgent care coding, filing clean claims and following up on receivables to maintain efficient cash flow. 

Challenges In Billing For Urgent Care Services

Urgent care billing is complicated. The key to a successful urgent care revenue cycle management is to monitor and manage all aspects of the urgent care billing and coding process. Urgent care centers consistently face reimbursement issues primarily due to inaccurate billing and lack of understanding on payer requirements. Urgent care billing challenges include incorrect documentation, inaccurate coding and missing valuable charges. 

Solution? Outsource urgent care billing services to 3Gen Consulting. Urgent care billing begins at the front desk. Generally urgent care centers do not have a pre-registration process, which means the front desk would need to capture basic patient information for billing purposes when a patient walks-in for an appointment. Our work starts there. Due to the nature of urgent care services, typically there is no time to obtain prior authorization, which is why we recommend that each patient signs an affidavit of financial responsibility before receiving care to minimize urgent care billing issues. Once the front desk obtains patient demographic and insurance information and the provider updates medical records with treatment details, including notes and prescriptions, we will code claims and submit them to payers to get providers reimbursed for the services rendered. 

Urgent Care Billing

3Gen’s Urgent Care Revenue Cycle Management Process

A streamlined and optimized urgent care billing process is necessary for maximum returns. Our team of urgent care coding and billing professionals collaborate with our clients to tackle their reimbursement challenges and in turn help improve efficiency and profitability.

Urgent Care

Our team of certified medical coders determine the appropriate codes for each patient’s diagnosis and procedures to ensure accurate reimbursement.

Urgent Care

Our urgent care billing professionals enter charges, submit clean claims to the appropriate payers and post payments, all while remaining in compliance.

Accounts Receivable & Denial Management

Our AR team keeps track of claims to ensure they are paid on time and manages claim rejections and denials quickly to boost reimbursement for services rendered.

Clinical Documentation Improvement

Our team ensures clinical documentation is complete and precise, to improve urgent care billing and coding accuracy, minimize denials and maximize revenue.

Urgent Care Coding Services

When it comes to urgent care coding, it is important to understand the requirements for each code. If appropriate codes are not used, urgent care centers could face audits and delayed reimbursements. Our urgent care coding team reviews medical records, categorizes based on the level of services rendered by the physician and determines the correct code, while remaining compliant with regulatory agencies. Although most payers reimburse based on the flat-rate method, we understand that some payers reimburse on the service level rendered. Our coders are adept at coding for Level I (triage), Level II (intermediate) and Level III (complex care). 


  • Level I / Triage (Minor Issues): When patients only get evaluation and management (E&M) services without diagnostic testing.
  • Level II / Intermediate (Moderate Issues): When injections, vaccines or splinting are administered along with E&M services.
  • Level III / Complex Care (Severe Issues): When IV infusion, sutures and E&M services are administered.

The 3Gen Advantage

Working with 3Gen gives providers the chance to improve their urgent care revenue cycle. As one of the leading urgent care billing companies, we provide customizable and scalable urgent care billing services to improve process efficiencies, enhance cash flow and ensure practice profitability. Still not convinced? Here are some additional reasons to highlight the 3Gen urgent care billing service difference. 

Billing for urgent care centers requires deep-domain expertise. Our urgent care medical billers and coders have the knowledge required to perform urgent care billing services accurately and within a quick turnaround time to ensure you get the reimbursement you deserve.

Providers are facing unprecedented labor challenges. To maintain a healthy urgent care revenue cycle, we provide you with a dedicated and experienced team of urgent care billers and coders, who work as an extension of your team, to tackle your reimbursement challenges. 

Monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) is vital for an efficient urgent care facility billing process. We consistently improve operations through analytics, which assists organizations in reducing denials, lowering cost to collect, improving cash flow and in turn keeping healthy KPIs. 

Our goal is simple: to be a partner in our customer’s growth. We provide you with access to a dedicated staff to manage all your urgent care billing and coding needs, while your staff can focus on providing quality urgent care services to patients. 

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