Durable Medical Equpiments

DME –Durable Medical Equipment billing serves to be quite different from other types of medical billing as well as coding mechanisms. Professional DME billing services require possessing specialized, in-depth knowledge of all the concerned HCPCS Level II codes. The DME at the medical facilities is classified under the category of HCPCS Level II codes. The overall complicated nature of the billing reimbursement serves to be another challenge out there. As an increased number of expensive medical equipment or DME tends to be rented instead of being purchased, the DME billers, as well as coders, should be aware of the process of coding the respective claims. Moreover, the concerned medical team should also know when it should send the coding for receiving the right amount of reimbursement. This implies that the code should be able to specify the fact that DME was rented instead of being purchased. Hire reliable DME billing services from 3Gen.

DME Billing & Coding Process at 3Gen

When you hire the professional range of DME billing and coding services from 3Gen, our medical specialists undergo the following step-by-step process:

Step 1

The doctor or the medical practitioner come across the requirement for some DME –Durable Medical Equipment that might be necessary for specialized patient care. The documentation should be prepared for the overall ease of claim submission. The documentation should aim at explaining the particular reasons for the given medical requirement.

Step 2

Once the particular medical practitioner has prescribed a specific DME (Durable Medical Equipment), the patient is required to go the respective DME supplier for getting the supplies. The coder is expected to locate the prescription along with obtaining the insurance as well as billing information of the patient. Depending on the insurance information of the patient, pre-authorization might be essential.

Step 3

The DME supplier would then provide the necessary DME after the necessary paperwork gets finished.

Step 4

The last step is the assignment of the correct codes along with the billing information for claiming the insurance of the patient from the particular insurance service provider.

Step 5

The final step involves the identification of the right HCPCS Level II codes. Here, it is important to ensure that each accessory or equipment is coded accurately. The respective DME biller is expected to send over the claim with the essential authorization paperwork for making sure that the insurance company will be paying for the given claim.

Once all these steps are complete, the respective DME coders, as well as billers, are required to follow up on the claim –quite similar to another medical claim.

Our Professional
DME Billing Services

Our professional range of DME billing services includes:
  • Order entry
  • Electronic claim submission
  • Insurance verification
  • Electronic rejections
  • Pre-authorization along with extended authorization
  • Payment posting
  • Patient payment estimation
  • Denial management
  • Coding
  • A/R Management

Our DME Billing Services

You can outsource professional DME billing services to us for the best results. At 3Gen, our team of professional billers, as well as coders, has extensive experience of several years in handling effective DME documentation –right from the beginning to the end of a typical medical project. Our professional team of billers, as well as coders, can help your business in developing a physiological description of vital patient information like the disease of the patient, impairment, injury, and other information. Other requirements are also met including photographs and relevant videos for demonstrating the impairments of the patient along with the ability to make use of the DME (Durable Medical Equipment). Our team of professional DME billers, as well as coders, can help you with the overall reimbursement process –right from the start.

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