Our Culture

At 3Gen, our employees are the basic core of our business; they share a common vision, common goals and a common value structure. We therefore provide the key assets of our business with the best benefits of being an 3Gen employee.

Our key to success has always been, employing the most dedicated and knowledgeable team and providing them a solid foundation of experience in the past two decades. We know that it is only through motivated employees that the organization can look to achieve their own objectives. A career for an employee should not only be limited to changes in designations and roles, but should also provide holistic training to develop both their personal and professional lives.

We create a challenging environment for our employees to thrive and develop in. At the same time, we create a platform for them to share their insights, which has helped us achieve remarkable success in the business. Our approach to developing competency and building skills in employees has helped us attract, retain and build some of the most effective talent in the industry. We provide the perfect synergy of both functional and technical skill development.

Over the years, we have perfected our nature of workforce and we provide an open and friendly environment to employees. This allows a fusion of fun and enjoyment with daily tasks and responsibilities. We expect our employees to deliver on the core values of transparency, commitment, passion and dedication at every touch point with our clients. We have an ‘Employees First’ culture, which empowers the employees to provide value by:

  • Providing an open, yet a unique working environment
  • Promoting a value driven culture, across hierarchy’s
  • Encouraging a sense of transparency and accountability
  • Working in an inverted organization structure

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