Denial Management Just Got Even Harder – And it Might Be Time to Rethink Your Revenue Cycle Management Services

Denial management – the full process of identifying denied claims, reviewing, resolving them, and increasing efficiency of the process – has always been important to the healthcare revenue cycle. Many providers outsource the denial portion of their revenue cycle management services to revenue cycle management companies for efficiency, especially as the process

Revenue Cycle Expertise Gaps

Revenue Cycle Expertise Gaps Might Require Looking Externally

Revenue cycle management has grown to an unmatched level of complexity in recent years. For most organizations, this has meant increased needs for training and improved hiring processes – but is it possible there’s a limit to the effectiveness of these tactics?

If you take a close look at the requirements of many revenue cycle roles, you’ll likely find something interesting. A select few are so complex, that they require looking outside the organization for expertise to access a higher level of performance in revenue cycle management services. These are typically positions that have

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