Most hospitals and health systems are years deep into their patient engagement and patient experience strategies. Many have also seen great results – from initiatives like rethinking the patient financial experience and hospital revenue cycle management approaches, to a more retail-like take on patient engagement. But it might be time for a change – yes, even if you’ve been successful. 

That’s because the tide of patient engagement is shifting. 

Look at some of the changes that have been happening. Patients are more acutely aware of their billing rights thanks to the No Surprises Act. COVID, along with the Hospital Price Transparency Rule has put hospitals and health systems at the center of conversations ranging from labor to patient pocketbooks. You could look at this as a negative, but for forward-thinking hospital revenue cycle leaders, it’s an opportunity – an opportunity to refresh your patient engagement and patient experience strategies while the dust is settling. 

Of course there are multiple ways to do this, but most organizations will see benefits from taking steps like:

  • Taking a new look at digital patient engagement
  • Reimagining the patient experience through the lens of the pandemic
  • Working with marketing to leverage omnichannel care delivery
  • Looking at technology like healthcare-specialized customer relationship management tools that provide high-level understanding of the patient experience and engagement. 

But know that you’re not flying without guidance. Industries like retail are shaping the expectations of the patient consumer, and can help you step forward into efficiency, cost savings, and communications that support improved outcomes. 

This unique time for hospital revenue cycle management leaders won’t last forever. Take steps now and you’ll be ahead of your competition when it comes to stepping into the future of patient engagement and the patient experience.

Hemant Apte, Chief Executive Officer in

Hemant Apte, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of 3Gen Consulting, is a seasoned executive leader with deep domain expertise in US healthcare management practices. He founded 3Gen Consulting in 2006 and has been instrumental in offering thought leadership to his clients and providing services and solutions that are unique in the market.

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