Frequent changes in billing and coding regulations have made radiology billing challenging. Radiology billing is associated with significant use of CPT codes along with suitable modifier.

We provide an extensive range of medical billing services to radiology practices and imaging center. Most Radiologists are pressed for time due to high volume of services provided, which could result in inaccurate medical billing, further leading to denials or resubmission of claims.

We can diminish the risk of denials or missed charges and enhance your bottom line while enabling the provider to concentrate on conveying quality care.

Our experts will minimize errors and reduce claim rejection rates, resulting in better turnaround time and increase revenues for your practice. Our procedures and strategies to deal with your operational and billing difficulties can help advance the way your practice conducts business.

At 3Gen, we offer efficient and affordable radiology billing solutions. We have created and refined a customized methodology that helps your radiology practice boost revenue and shrink compliance risks.

Radiology Billing & Coding Services For:

  • Diagnostic Radiology

  • Vascular and Interventional Radiology

  • Radiation Oncology

  • Nuclear Medicine Radiology

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