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Did you know that approximately 35% of all orthopedic surgery claims are processed incorrectly by commercial carriers? That’s not all! Over 25% of medical claims are rejected, out of which 15% are never resubmitted. As a result of preventable billing errors, orthopedic providers are leaving billions of dollars of revenue on the table annually. To add to these complexities, CMS is also making some significant shifts, many of which have a deep impact on orthopedic billing practices. It is therefore critical for your organization to keep internal knowledge and practices up-to-date through efforts like training and education.

We understand that the constantly changing regulatory environment might be too much for you to keep up with in-house. Consider accessing the knowledge and resources of an outsourced orthopedic billing services partner such as 3Gen Consulting to help you implement efficient billing processes, improve reimbursement and maintain a healthy cash flow.

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    The 3Gen Orthopedic Billing Advantage

    Increased Savings

    Managing orthopedic billing in-house can be expensive. Cost savings is one of the primary motivators that drive providers towards outsourcing. With our help, you get the benefit of availing high-quality orthopedic billing services at low costs. With these cost-effective services, you can eliminate several overhead costs such as salaries and benefits, technology, hardware and training and significantly improve reimbursement.

    Reduced Errors

    Even with all the shifts in orthopedic services, accurate billing and coding will always be key to maintaining healthy practice revenues and maximizing reimbursement. A lack of orthopedic claim documentation and inaccurate coding can be a contributor to billing inefficiency and reduced compensation. With our experience, we devise strategies and processes to streamline your operations and improve accuracy.

    Skilled & Experienced Resources

    Healthcare providers are struggling with blows to their reimbursement simply because it’s challenging to find enough qualified professionals to get their claims out the door efficiently. We provide you with access to skilled and experienced professionals, including subject matter experts in the form of account managers, who the deliver results you need.

    Skilled Resources

    Accelerated Cash Flow

    Not only does outsourcing to us help you save costs; we also help accelerate your revenue through timely claims submission and increased reimbursement. There’s no doubt that your orthopedic practice will improve its profitability.

    Improved Patient Experience

    Handling your billing in-house requires a lot of time and effort. Time and effort that could be directed towards your core expertise – patient care. Let us focus on your financial health, while you get to focus on your patients’ health.

    Our Orthopedic Revenue Cycle Management Services

    Eligibility Verification & Prior Authorization

    • Hospice Coding and Hospice Item Set Services

    Orthopedic Medical Coding Services

    Home Health and Hospice Billing Services

    Orthopedic Medical Billing Services

    Accounts Receivable and Denial Management

    Accounts Receivable & Denial Management

    Credit Balance

    Credit Balance Resolution

    • Clinical Documentation Improvement Services

    Clinical Documentation Improvement

    Interested in a free trial?

    Our NO OBLIGATION free trial gives you the opportunity to evaluate our work, to experience the ease of outsourcing and to ensure you get what you need.

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