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Are you looking to outsource your medical coding? Now is a great time! Not only can outsourcing provide you with high-quality services and more time to focus on your core competencies, you will also get the opportunity to tap into your medical coding partner’s vast expertise and efficient processes. We understand that accurate and reliable medical coding, while remaining in compliance with the constantly changing guidelines, is a necessity for healthcare practices and hospitals today. With our medical coding services, you will experience the ease of filing claims, reduced denials and enhanced revenue.

Outsourcing is evolving. The healthcare industry is witnessing a paradigm shift emerge as more healthcare providers find value in outsourcing their medical coding services to boost efficiency, increase cash flow and in turn improve their bottom line. The optimization of the medical coding process is thus vital to see positive outcomes. We pride ourselves in providing medical coding services with the utmost precision and reliability – all thanks to our team of certified medical coders and auditors. Our team’s vast industry knowledge and expertise in the field allows us to provide a comprehensive range of medical coding services to healthcare providers across various specialties.

Our Medical Coding Services

  • Professional Fee Coding – Captures the complexity and intensity of work performed by the provider to deliver care.
  • Facility Coding – Captures the volume and intensity of resources used by medical facilities to deliver care.
  • DRG Validation – Confirms that the clinical documentation and coded claim match, in accordance with coding standards.
  • Coding Denial Management – Assesses denied claims’ coding and documentation and performs coding edits for claims resubmission.
  • Coding Audits – Validates code assignments against clinical documentation, in accordance with coding guidelines.
  • Risk Adjustment Coding – Uses patient demographics and diagnoses to determine risk scores for patients.

Our Medical Coding Audit Services

  • Review medical charts
  • Improve medical coding efficiency and accuracy
  • Address root cause of coding errors
  • Implement effective plans if corrective action is needed
  • Improve overall documentation
  • Maintain reliable data for research
  • Generate reports to outline audit findings
  • Ensure accurate reimbursements

The 3Gen Advantage

Coding is a crucial component of the revenue cycle process. It is imperative that the rendered services are coded correctly and in compliance. Partnering with us means having the opportunity to streamline your medical coding through our efficient processes and enabling your business to grow. Still not convinced? Here are some additional reasons to highlight the 3Gen medical coding services difference.

Advantages of Outsourcing Medical Coding Services

We help clients transform their medical coding by leveraging our well-defined processes to optimize their revenue cycle. These processes are regularly updated to adapt to the changing healthcare regulatory environment to ensure clients always remain compliant.

One of the main reasons for claim denials is medical coding errors. Our rigorously trained team of certified coders provide the highest level of accuracy in medical coding, through the appropriate use of CPT, HCPCS, ICD codes and modifiers, which results in a significant reduction in denials for clients. In our commitment to provide best practices, audits are built into the medical coding process to consistently maintain a high level of accuracy.

Implementing a streamlined medical coding process is a complex task to do on your own. Let us help! Our team of certified medical coders are experienced across various specialties and are able to customize our processes to fit your requirements. In no time at all, we will seamlessly integrate with your team and scale to your patient volumes.

We echo the “customer first” sentiment. We customize our solutions for you and optimize your approach to medical coding to minimize regulatory risk and maximize revenue. You get to focus on your patients’ health, while we focus on your financial health.

Professional Fee Coding & Facility Coding Services

Healthcare providers’ reimbursement depends on how accurately their medical charts are coded. 3Gen’s medical coding services will give you the competitive edge needed to sustain in this complex regulatory environment. Our specialized professional fee coding services and facility coding services, led by our subject matter experts, will ensure you realize optimized revenue with an efficient medical coding process.

Facility Coding

Facility coding primarily represents resource utilization to deliver patient care. Managing the complexities of a healthcare facility is difficult enough, without adding the burden of coding at the facility coding level. With our certified coders, we are able to deliver comprehensive medical coding services for all your facility coding needs.

Our Facility Coding Capabilities

  • Ambulatory Surgical Center Coding
  • Inpatient Coding
  • Outpatient Coding
  • Diagnostic/Ancillary Coding
  • Interventional Radiology Coding
  • …and many more!
Facility Coding Services

Professional Fee Coding

Professional fee coding primarily represents the complexity of physician care provided during a patient visit. We understand that physicians’ skills and knowledge is directed primarily towards the provision of high-quality patient care, which doesn’t leave much time or energy for medical coding. We provide comprehensive medical coding services for all your professional fee coding needs. All of our coders are certified with experience across multiple specialties, and are trusted to deliver accurate medical coding services by our clients.

Our Professional Fee Coding Capabilities

  • Allergy & Immunology Coding
  • Anesthesiology Coding
  • Cardiology Coding
  • Critical Care Coding
  • Dermatology Coding
  • Emergency Medicine Coding
  • Endocrinology Coding
  • Family Medicine Coding
  • Gastroenterology Coding
  • General Surgery Coding
  • Infectious Disease Coding
  • Internal Medicine Coding
  • Nephrology Coding
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology Coding
  • Oncology Coding
  • Ophthalmology Coding
  • Orthopedic Coding
  • Pathology Coding
  • Pediatric Coding
  • Physical Therapy Coding
  • Plastic Surgery Coding
  • Podiatry Coding
  • Psychiatry Coding
  • Radiology Coding
  • Rheumatology Coding
  • Urology Coding
  • …and many more!

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