8 Signs You Should Invest in a Medical Coding Audit before 2024

All the change in healthcare over the recent years has unfortunately meant new opportunities for abuses of medical billing. This kind of fraud and misuse puts providers at risk financially and ultimately jeopardizes the quality of care you can provide in the long term. Many providers who have realized this understand that now is a good time to consider investing in medical coding audits. If you begin the process now,

Why Medicare Advantage Plans and ACOs Need Experienced Vendors to Prepare for CMS-HCC Version 28

Medicare Advantage (MA) plans and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) should be reevaluating their vendor strategy in light of coming changes. 

This is largely because of a new version of the Hierarchical Condition Category (CMS-HCC) risk adjustment model that CMS released in 2023. It includes changes that will enhance the value of partnering with an experienced vendor for in-depth retrospective and concurrent risk adjustment reviews. Leaders at these organizations will benefit from

What the Texas Itemized Bill Law Means for Physician Billing Services

“As goes Texas, so goes the nation”. This saying is something anyone responsible for physician billing services should keep in mind when considering the impact of the Texas Medical Billing law. While the bill targets “healthcare facilities”, providers at all levels should pay attention – this type of legislation signals a shift in demands around the patient experience,

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