Pediatric Medical Billing Faces the Growing Challenge of Adolescent Confidentiality

Adolescent confidentiality has come up more in the news lately, largely because of advances like the HPV vaccine, which can be administered as young as 11 or 12 years old. Because of this, many providers, obstetrician-gynecologists especially, should take time to review their use of pediatric medical billing and coding services to ensure they’re addressing the privacy

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Does the United States Need a National Hospital Billing Data Set?

Patients’ experience in hospitals and hospital billing can vary significantly, even if two hospitals are just a few miles away from each other. In essence, the American patient has no idea what their financial experience will be when they step into the hospital setting – they’re rolling the dice.

But a dedicated organization is trying to provide some transparency around the hospital billing and financial experience.

Revenue Cycle Expertise Gaps

Revenue Cycle Expertise Gaps Might Require Looking Externally

Revenue cycle management has grown to an unmatched level of complexity in recent years. For most organizations, this has meant increased needs for training and improved hiring processes – but is it possible there’s a limit to the effectiveness of these tactics?

If you take a close look at the requirements of many revenue cycle roles, you’ll likely find something interesting. A select few are so complex, that they require looking outside the organization for expertise to access a higher level of performance in revenue cycle management services. These are typically positions that have

Medical Coding Audit Prevention for 2024

Medical Coding Audit Prevention for 2024

With Q4 of 2023 coming around the corner, it’s time to start looking at plans for 2024. It might not seem like it should make your short list of priorities, but medical coding audits should be on the mind of your leadership team today – specifically looking for ways to get in front of them. 

Healthcare providers will be in a much better position next year if they take the remainder of 2023 to step back, look for current issues, and devise ways to prevent and respond.

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